Inspired by the opportunity to provide unique gift or souvenir from Bogor City, Agrinesia started with a humble beginning at the founders’ kitchen, where Lapis Bogor Sangkuriang was created and launched in 2011.

The use of Bogor’s famous Taro as a main ingredient establishes the strong positioning of Lapis Bogor Sangkuriang as a category pioneer and the perfect gift or souvenir of Bogor city.

True to our mission to conserve and modernise favourite local snacks, we launched Lapis Kukus Pahlawan in Surabaya and Lapis Botani in Greater Jakarta areas in 2016. These brands also soon became a choice of gift or souvenir from those cities.

In 2017, Bolu Susu Lembang was launched in Bandung to enrich the city’s famed culinary options.

Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja was launched in Yogyakarta in the same year as a modern version of the original Bakpia, and became the most sought after brand for travelers to the city.

In 2018, Malang city witnessed the launch of our 6th brands: Bolu Malang Singosari. Telo Ungu (Purple Sweet Potato) and Malang Apple are the key local unique ingredients used in Bolu Malang Singosari.

After successfully developing a business in 6 cities on the island of Java, in 2021, PT. Agrinesia Raya chose Medan, North Sumatra to launch its newest brand, Bolu Stim Menara. Inspired by the Tirtanadi Tower which is one of the icons in the city of Medan, Bolu Stim Menara is served as a modern food with the local taste of Medan.

Today, further product and services Innovation and Renovation continue to be Agrinesia’s main priorities in its efforts to provide customers with choices of high quality iconic products from each city.

“To nurture the value of caring and sharing

Become a leading global company, maintaining a balance between business profits, employee and community welfare and environmental sustainability, to nurture the value of caring and sharing

– Producing innovative snack products, favored by consumers, high quality and affordable.
– Creating a friendly, healthy work environment and supporting employee’s creativity to work passionately in maximizing company value.

Our commitment to quality starts from raw material and ingredient selection to the time Customer enjoys our products.


To deliver the best tasting products, Agrinesia uses only raw materials from reputable suppliers with high standards of Food Safety & Quality. We also ensure that our products are Halal certified and adhere to BPOM regulations.



Agrinesia implements production policy based on the Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) to ensure all products are being produced accordingly both in terms of manufacturing process and production support tools.



Our products have distinctive tastes and textures. In addition to the hallmark taste, the abundance and quality of toppings and filling have become the signature of Agrinesia products. The vast amount of product variants gives each consumer the options that meets his/her taste buds for any consumption moment.


The final distribution process ensures product freshness and traceability.   We keep our products in good & clean conditions during transport and storage.




Customers are our Priority, and this is reflected in our efforts in delivering excellent service and pleasant shopping experience. Our Contact Center is happy to take questions, inputs and concerns, as well as to take actions accordingly, to ensure full satisfaction of our Customers.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the Company’s main priorities are: ensuring the health and safety of employees, and securing the continuity of the business/ operations. Accordingly, implementing the health protocols is mandatory for all Agrinesians as well as visitors to our sites.

Agrinesia is also obliged to implement the health protocols at all of its stores to protect the Customers. Cleaning and disinfecting the areas which are frequently touched by hands are conducted consistently and continuously everyday.
Wearing mask is mandatory for everyone, so please ensure that you wear yours when visiting our stores.